Wondering if I’m the guy to help you? Only way I can help you decide is to put down what other people have found:

Matt Johnson – The The (http://www.thethe.com):

“I can’t recommend Al at Grizzly Media highly enough. Not only is he very friendly and extremely knowledgable but he also stands solidly behind the services and equipment he provides. His back-up service is second to none in my opinion and he’s helped retrieve me (and my computers) from more tight spots than I care to remember!”
Ray Russell – World renown Guitarist/Composer (http://www.rayrussell.co.uk):”Alan Bailey has been my tech Guru for many years. He has outstanding knowledge of the nature of software and computers. Always helpful, Alan Provides a unique service that looks after you from the inset to
all future upgrades, problems and new software requirements. He is also a very nice guy! Could you ask for more?” 


Julian Coultas of Digitalroadtrip.org (http://www.Digitalroadtrip.org):

If you want Apple technology to work in school as it does in your home, eg. flawlessly, then Alan is your man. iPads, Mac’s, WiFi, maybe a little webDav storage. No fuss! no big bills!

Alan has helped us model something pretty unique (@ St Silas). Apple Mail, Google, Apps, blogging tools, everything that was blocked under LA system now works. We are free to get on delivering a great learning experience. this would have been impossible without Alan’s knowledge and experience.

Finding personable, tech people that just “understand education” and truly deliver are like “Gold dust.”

Massively recommended!


A Customer from Warwick University:

“Learnt an awful lot over the two days and would highly recommend it to any business. Al is fantastic at what he does and tailored the two day course to fit our demands and is very knowledgeable on all things Apple!”


A Director at a London Pro Audio Hire Company:

Alan is the guru of all things technical and musical, his passion and knowledge for music technology is truly outstanding, and is always so helpful as far as tech support or advice on any piece of equipment goes, you can always rely on Alan to get things perfect….he just knows what things do and how they do it, but explains in simple English, and always with enthusiasm…