Products and Solutions

Backup: Retrospect

We recommend, supply,configure and support Retrospect software. It works with all major platforms and is massively configurable to suit your needs


Cloud Backup: Spanning Backup Cloud storage can get infected by Malware just like local storage and most only allow you to rollback upto 30 days. With Spanning Backup you can pullback any file from anytime since you began coverage with Spanning.

Email and Organisation:

In our opinion the best email, collaboration and organisational system. Google’s G-Suite for Business and Education provides a robust system to base your business upon. If you don’t like the included apps you can use a wide selection of 3rd party apps to give your data an alternative front end.

Onsite and Remote Consultation: We have a wide range of clients from Music Producers and Bands, through business and Education. We can be hired for £35 + vat Per Hour or £350 + vat per day.